A Ukrainian soldier told how his unit destroyed an entire convoy of Russian vehicles at the beginning of the war

February 24 in the morning R.Zui’s tank battalion received several combat tasks: first, two tank platoons went to reinforce the motorized infantry battalion of the brigade near Kharkiv, four more platoons were to support another battalion in the Vesele-Kutuzivka-Staryj Saltiv defensive line.

On February 24-26, the remaining part of the tank battalion led by R. Zui carried out combat tasks in the vicinity of Kupiansk and Pechenija. February 26 In the vicinity of the village of Vesele, two tanks of an officer’s unit managed to intercept a convoy of “OMON” forces – the Russian special police – heading towards Kharkiv from the front.

“As a result, my guys hit more than 20 enemy vehicles. One shot, one vehicle. Armored personnel carriers and other armored and non-armored vehicles were particularly targeted, while the infantry ambushed the Russians from behind and destroyed everything. The fight lasted for about 30 minutes, and in the end only scrap metal remained from this column,” says R. Zui.

At the same time, the officer notes that he was very surprised by the actions of the occupiers, especially wondering what tactical task the column of the special internal forces squad armed with police batons had to perform:

“They didn’t even expect that they would be met by combat units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – that’s how much they didn’t know the real situation. Perhaps they really hoped that people in the Kharkiv region would welcome them as “liberators”, the officer thought.

It is quite possible that the Russian column, which the officer is talking about in this story, as can be seen from the details he mentioned, did not go to fight with the military, but with the civilian population.

The video below shows the remains of vehicles, many of them non-military, but police, destroyed by Ukrainian armed forces on the road to Kharkiv.

In the video, journalist Andrijus Caplienka says that in addition to non-military vehicles used to transport Russian police, rubber bullets, riot shields and other equipment were used to quell civilian protests in Kharkiv.

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