After a wild party, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin took a drug test: feels the outrage is wrong

After videos of the Finnish prime minister partying hard went viral, she said she had taken a drug test.

Sanna Marin, 36, said at a press conference that she expects the test results to be published next week.

Finnish politicians have called for drug tests after the video was leaked.

True, Sanna Marin has repeatedly said that she has never used drugs.

“I didn’t do anything illegal,” she told reporters in Helsinki on Friday.

“I didn’t do any drugs even as a teenager,” Marin said. She explained that she took the drug test because of the controversy that arose after the video went viral, but she felt the outcry was unjustified.

Marin said she knew she was being filmed while dancing, but didn’t realize the footage would become public.

“I believe that people understand that leisure and work should not be equated,” she said.

Delphi recalls that the videos were reported by Finnish newspapers, including Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat.

“These are videos of a personal nature, filmed in private rooms. I regret that they appeared in public,” said S. Marin during a press conference held on Thursday morning. According to her, the party with friends was organized a few weeks ago.

“Yes, I had fun, even uproariously. I danced and sang,” said the head of the Finnish government.

According to S. Marin, after the fun in the private apartment, she and her friends visited two bars in the center of Helsinki.

The word “jauhojengi” is heard in the recordings. In everyday language, the word “jaugo” meaning “flour” or “powder” is sometimes used to refer to drugs. S. Marin stated that she knew nothing about it. According to the Prime Minister, she drank light alcoholic beverages during the party, but did not use drugs.

This is not the first time S. Marin has been embroiled in a partying scandal. Last December, she went to a nightclub after leaving her work phone at home.

For this reason, the Prime Minister did not receive reports that she might be infected with the coronavirus, because before that she was in the same room with the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavist, who was infected with Covid-19.

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