After enduring his brother’s tirade, M. Ponitka opened up: he does not communicate with his family and suffers from insulting comments from his parents

Both Ponitka brothers could have sought a place in the Polish national team, but the younger Marcel accused Mateuša that he was not invited to the national team because of the latter’s fault and displeasure.

“I heard that the coach had no problems, but Mateusz doesn’t want to see me in the team and work together. He doesn’t see the possibility of that. I think the captain is the reason why I am removed from the national team, he has a big influence,” Marcel lamented to the Polish media.

Mateušas himself reacted to this, and he openly stated his version and talked about the conflict with his family.

“I would like to hear evidence that I gave an ultimatum or did something similar. The coach himself decides who to invite to the camp. The results show that my brother was not able to help the national team against teams that are weaker than the Poles. As you can see, we have now won important matches.

This brother’s interview shows one thing: we can’t really play together now. I think we need characters, not people crying in the press.

I can say this much that the conflict is not only with him, but also with my whole family. From the age of 19, my parents and I were constantly insulted by my parents, later Marcel joined them. I talked to him and warned him that the family would do anything to isolate me because they didn’t like me. Unfortunately, he chose a different path.

When he needed help, financial as well, I never refused, he could always count on me. People love martyrs, the downtrodden, I’ve been silent for too long.

I have no idea how we can resolve the conflict. If the coach ever decides that Marcelis will be more useful for the team, I will gladly give him my place,” Mateushas revealed.

He added that he does not communicate with his other brother, 15-year-old Kacper, because his parents do not allow it. The latter disturbed his communication with his grandparents as well. M. Ponitka revealed that it all started when his parents told him to choose – them or his wife.

“I chose love and the person who has taken care of me every day for the last 10 years. Then the revenge of the parents began. Manipulating people, my parents insisted that senior family members condemn my decisions.

My father hasn’t spoken to my grandfather for 20 years because he gave my mother an apartment instead of the car repair shop that my father took care of. He cut ties with his mother, who lives next to him. Why? Because she invited me to a Christmas dinner with her wife,” M. Ponitka told

He added that his parents – a doctor father and a teacher mother – do not make offensive comments against him on the Internet.

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