After pretending to be a foreign agent, Alla Pugacheva received a reaction from the Russian Duma: “She lost touch with reality”

“Please add me to the ranks of foreign agents of my beloved country, because I stand in solidarity with my husband,” wrote 73-year-old A. Pugachiova on Instagram, which is banned in Russia.

Her husband, 46-year-old TV comedian M. Galkin, was added to the list of “foreign agents” on September 16.

Russian State Duma deputy Pyotr Tolstoy responded to this request.

“I regret that Pugacheva, the former most popular singer of the country, has lost touch with reality and is in solidarity with those who want Russia to lose today. Now its place is in the historical museum of the times of the USSR…

And she, unlike Galkin, will not have another country. And she will not become a foreign agent and will no longer receive support from decent Russian people.

We will win without her songs,” commented P. Tolstoy on the singer’s request on the Telegram channel.

After launching its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russia has cracked down on opponents, fining performers who make anti-war comments. State television calls the critics traitors to the motherland.

A. Pugačiova said that her husband is a patriot who wanted a prosperous country with peace and freedom, and that “our boys stop dying for illusory goals.”

According to A. Pugacheva, Russia is becoming an “outcast”, and the conflict is taking away Russian lives. She did not use the word “war” but made clear her disapproval of what the Kremlin calls a special military operation.

Such scathing criticism from one of Russia’s most famous performers, known for generations and made famous by such hits as the 1982 song “A Million Red Roses” and the 1978 film “The Woman Who Sings”, is rare and potentially dangerous in modern Russia. .

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