After Princes William and Harry’s vigil at Queen Elizabeth II’s casket, a body language expert’s observation: the leader is clear

The new owner of the title of Prince of Wales, in his forties prince williamalong with seven other grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, paid tribute to their grandmother by standing by the coffin in Westminster Hall, where she was laid to rest.

According to body language expert Judi James, interviewed by the Daily Mail’s women’s columnist, Prince William carried himself in a way that made it clear he was first in line to the throne, while his brother Prince Harry looked “moderately emotional” and “dignified because again can wear a uniform.”

The presence of Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, who played the role of peacemakers, “clearly gave support” to Prince Harry, William, as well as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

“The way he led his grandchildren after him, as well as his clenched jaw, are elements of William’s body language that show how he has changed when, after the Queen’s death, he became Prince of Wales and future king,” said J .James.

“Over the past few days, Prince William has managed to shake off his shy and anxious mannerisms. His whole station seems to speak of self-confidence,” added the body language expert.

J. James also commented on Prince Harry’s show. He was said to be clearly proud to be able to wear a uniform again.

“Prince William looked like the obvious leader and initiator when he and his wife met Prince Harry and Meghan in Windsor. The confidence he displayed physically made what should have been a difficult exit go flawlessly,” said Mr. James.

“When he walked through the crowd before the vigil, Prince William showed attention to people, so his social profile, well, during the vigil itself he seemed like a rock from which others draw strength.”

“Prince Harry walked behind his brother with determination on his face and thoughtfulness in his eyes. With Prince Harry’s head slightly bowed and half of his face covered by the peak of his hat, only a straight line of tightly pursed lips could be seen, but his posture and marching gait revealed pride in being able to wear his uniform again, so his a reserved sensibility can be seen in the show.”

According to Mr James, all eight of the Queen’s grandchildren showed “tremendous magnificence of togetherness”.

“They lined up around the casket in silence, and as they took their places, an incredible seriousness began to emanate from them all. Even up close it was almost impossible to see their breathing. They managed to hold back tears and there was no sign of nervousness or tension in their expressions, just dignity and a sense of duty,” commented Mr James.

A body language expert noted that Princess Anne’s children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, were seemingly pillars for Princes William and Harry.

“Zara has a determined and confident gait, although at the very last moment she tripped: maybe she dropped something, or maybe her shoe slipped at the top of the stairs, so she paused while she bent down and picked something up.”

“Both Zara’s and Peter’s faces showed a certain amount of tension, and the set of their jaws spoke of determination.”

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie had previously almost openly demonstrated their emotions over the loss of their grandmother – they both cried and tried to support each other by hugging or holding hands, but on Saturday night they too managed to sink into a state of great seriousness, control themselves: they did not glance at each other during the vigil, but kept calm and with dignity.”

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