After Putin – Shoigu’s statement: we are already at war not only with Ukraine

“We are at war not so much with Ukraine as with the collective West.” And NATO. I mean not only the weaponry that they give to Ukraine, but also the communication systems, information processing, intelligence. Virtually the entire NATO satellite team is working in front of us. It was very surprising that there is an attempt to hide how much precision weapons Ukraine has been receiving lately. Almost every day, we record the impact of such weapons on civilians,” said S. Šoigu.

“Because the weaponry that Ukraine had has practically run out – these are former Soviet weapons. The newcomers of the European Union gave Ukraine their own, but we are successfully destroying, destroying, destroying everything,” he stated.

According to him, Russia lost only 5,937 of its soldiers in Ukraine. At that time, Ukraine allegedly suffered huge losses: 61 thousand. killed, another 49 thousand injured.

“They already have the fourth wave of mobilization. 300,000 have been mobilized,” he said.

According to Ukrainian data, Russia lost more than 55,000 people. his soldiers.

According to S. Shoigu, 300 thousand will be sent to Ukraine. mobilized reservists.

V. Putin, addressing the nation on Wednesday, announced a partial mobilization in the country, as the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine continues.

“In order to protect our homeland and integrity, I believe it is necessary to support partial mobilization,” he said.

“The partial mobilization order has been signed,” he declared.

According to V. Putin, the conscription, which will begin on Wednesday, applies to reserve soldiers, primarily those with experience.

V. Putin explained the decision on partial mobilization by the fact that the West is “trying to divide and destroy Russia”, and Kyiv is planning to move hostilities to Russian territory.

He also asserted that if Russia’s territorial integrity is threatened, the country will use all available means.

Putin’s address came a day after Moscow-imposed authorities on the occupied territories of Ukraine announced plans to hold annexation referendums on joining Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his part, downplayed the pro-Russian government’s plans to hold “referendums” in the regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia on September 23-27.

“Pretty important news came from Russia today. But what actually happened? Have we heard anything we haven’t heard before?” he asked in his daily address late Tuesday.

“Our position does not change either because of this noise or because of other reports. Let’s preserve our unity, defend Ukraine, liberate our land and not show any weakness,” said V. Zelensky.

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