After seeing the latest videos from Crimea, his “leader” was furious: get out of here

“Krym.realii” writes that this happened after Aleksandr Talipov, a pro-Russian blogger living in Crimea, published on his own Telegram channel, according to him, on September 10. In the Bakhchisarai restaurant “Arpat” they would put up a wedding video.

The video shows the guests having fun and dancing to the Ukrainian song “Chervona kalyna”. A. Talipov also uploaded another wedding episode, filmed in Simferopol, in which the song “Stefania” by the Ukrainian group “Kalush Orchestra” that won Eurovision is played.

According to S. Aksionov, for such initiatives, both event organizers and their participants will be punished from now on – they may have to face criminal liability, removal from their positions or a ban on developing business on the territory of Crimea.

“I think that those who do this act like real traitors,” said S. Aksionov.

He offered people who support Ukraine to “go to the country you love so much.”

The correspondent of the portal “Current Time” (“Nastojaščeje vremia”) spoke with the representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Tamila Tasheva, about the current situation.

– Recently, we have received quite a few reports about increasing pressure on the Crimean population: criminal cases are being brought, movement restrictions are being introduced. What is really happening in Crimea?

– There is a war going on in Crimea, just like eight years ago. Unfortunately, many forget to mention that the war in Ukraine already started with the occupation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014. For a long time, the representatives of the occupier administration thanked God that there is no war in our country: as you can see, Donbass is being bombarded, and it is calm here. Only they forgot to say that the war and the international armed conflict on the territory of Crimea was going on anyway.

Since the events that began in August, which are called in Ukraine [vienaip]and in the occupied Crimea [kitaip]well, as if due to some incomprehensible events, the occupying authorities took various initiatives to intimidate the people living on the territory of the peninsula.

Some people – Russian citizens who illegally entered the territory of the peninsula – began to leave, especially after August 9, after the events at the airfield in Novofiodorivka. Now, after the effective counterattacks, when the occupying authorities began to understand that it is not long to wait until the liberation of the Crimean territory, the pressure on the Crimean population is certainly increasing, although it is pressure on some groups – Crimean Tatars and ethnic Ukrainians – I will repeat, was also felt eight years ago. Now though [spaudimas] is getting bigger and bigger.

After February 24, we have been intensively monitoring the situation on the territory of the peninsula, and we have to say that some manifestations of the partisan movement, actions of resistance, which have a pro-Ukrainian tone, have really increased several times on the territory of the peninsula. Earlier, until February 24, protests were organized on the basis of, I would say, issues related to human rights.

They took place if they detained some people, applied, say, criminal or administrative responsibility. Others protested to support them. Now the protests arise exclusively from the anti-war and pro-Ukrainian context and have a pro-Ukrainian tone.

In Crimea, among other things, during weddings, first of all, weddings of Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian music is actually played – this is how support for the Ukrainian armed forces is expressed. But it was like that before, that is, for eight years, the songs of Jamala, BoomBox, Verka Serdiuchka, Sofia Rotaru were often played. However, it was only now that the occupation administration began to seriously react to it, realizing that it was not capable of taming and controlling the situation on the territory of the peninsula, and especially the hostile attitude of the people.

Yes, of course, there are active flights from the Kremlin. It seems that there is a very nervous reaction to what is happening in the circles of the Crimean population.

– Russian citizens began actively leaving Crimea, including the families of persons holding leadership positions. What do you know about it?

– We know that people are actively leaving the territory of the peninsula, primarily tourists from Russia, who came here during the tourist season, which was not particularly successful, but people still came to rest on the territory of the peninsula.

Of course, those Russian citizens who did not expect what was happening on the territory of the peninsula during what I would call a hot time also actively left. Yes, of course, he also left after August 9, after the events in Novofiodorivka. At the exit from the peninsula to the territory of the Russian Federation across the Kerch Bridge, the longest queues stretched. The Kerch bridge was often closed to civilian transport, so people had to prepare for departure.

Quite a large number of people, including pro-Ukrainian ones, left for fear of being drafted into the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. So they left too. However, we also know about the departure of the families of judges, prosecutors, military personnel, employees of the Counter-Extremism Center, which is a whole block of power structures that perform an administrative function and are located on the territory of the peninsula.

I would not say that the departure from the territory of the peninsula was particularly massive. It is also worth mentioning that there are quite a lot of citizens of the Russian Federation who illegally entered the territory of Crimea – 500-800 thousand. people will definitely not leave.

This is clear and understandable, but some are already leaving, of course.

– Does the news from Ukraine reach the residents of Crimea? Do they know about the success of counterattacks by the Ukrainian armed forces?

– Of course, he knows, besides, he carefully follows events and counterattacks in Ukraine. Although the occupation administration strictly controls the flow of information transmitted over the Internet, people, thank God, have learned to use VPNs, actively browse Telegram channels, read news, and many watch Ukrainian television via satellite. So, yes, they are of course watching events.

Some people, of course, watch Russian and propaganda channels from Crimea. However, it cannot be otherwise, and besides, there are quite a lot of such people. However, more and more citizens are starting to ask questions to the occupation administration: they ask how they should understand what is happening, bearing in mind that the occupation authorities promised anti-aircraft defense over Crimea, said that the Kerch bridge is not in danger, that there will be no war with us, that the Russian state Crimea will be defended, etc. Observing the events in Crimea, they see a completely different picture.

One can mention the morgues filled with Russian soldiers, the frequent unavailability of medical services, specifically in the western region of Crimea, where the civilian infrastructure is actually being used for military purposes, the lack of an opportunity to leave Crimea, conscription into the army… People, of course, don’t want to go. [į armiją]. Mercenaries who sign contracts and receive money go to war. Unfortunately, there is abundant evidence that conscripts are actively being sent to the war against Ukraine, even though they are not supposed to do so.

So, there are many excuses for dissatisfaction. Also, people read information from different sources, read Ukrainian channels, and then ask questions. Those questions are increasing. That is why the occupation administration began to react so sensitively to any manifestations of civic activism and signs of support for Ukraine in the public ranks. This is why the reaction to the songs and dances is so harsh.

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