After the conflict with the store employees, the pressure on the customer increased: I have never encountered such behavior

On a summer day, in the Šiauliai store, at the self-service checkout I bought 2 cans of beer. I paid 2.38 euros for 2 cans and 2 deposit cans. I paid with a contactless payment card by clicking that a check is not needed.

Self-service employee saleswoman started harassing me even though I had really paid, that I was trying to leave without paying and called Grifs AG security guard claiming that I was trying to steal even though I had actually paid!

The seller took the beer cans from me and put them with her in some electronic banking, which clearly shows that i paid. The saleswoman shouted that I might have stolen the eggs, which were bought at the market from the farmer. I showed the country eggs, even an old paper jar with an expired date.

The eggs are not marked with codes, it is obvious that they are not eggs from the store network. I was disturbed by such unprofessional and inadequate behavior of the seller and the security worker that even my blood pressure rose. After 15 minutes of walking around the city of the Sun, I decided that I would not give the money I paid and the security staff explained that if they do not resolve the situation and return the money or goods I paid, I will contact the police officers.

Only after long negotiations, and after the video cameras were turned off, they gave me the goods, and the seller didn’t even apologize! When our conflict situation happened, it happened again – he guessed to steal and a poor elderly grandmother in her 80s for trying to steal a bottle of alcohol. Literally, from the impressions of such a day, I understood that the customers in that store are all thieves and are not welcome. When I started filming with my mobile phone, the grandmother security guard who was being checked in the middle of the hall started screaming that it is forbidden to film.

The saleswoman manipulates imaginary thieves and uses security when she doesn’t like the customer. I have never experienced such a nightmare in my 35 years. The seller is clearly visible conflicting personality accused 2 innocent people within five minutes of communication and I heard that he managed to get into a conflict with Ukrainian citizens who bought mineral water. The quality of service is worse than tragic. It’s also a pity for the stupid security guard, who succumbs to the intrigues and gives in to the cashier’s psychological pressure about the alleged thief and runs to shake her bags.

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