After the death of Dugin’s daughter, the Putin administration is making changes

Similar initiatives have been taken by other institutions, “Baza” reports. Now all cars entering the presidential administration are thoroughly checked, the contents of the trunk and the bottom of the car are inspected.

Drivers are told to get out. The car is checked for about two minutes – as a result, there is a small traffic jam in the morning at the entrance to the presidential administration complex.

The same procedure applies without exception to executive cars: they also cannot avoid the procedure, regardless of the status of the passengers.

According to the information available to “Baza”, guidelines for stricter control of cars have been submitted to other state institutions, so congestion will only increase in the near future.

29-year-old D. Dugina died on Sunday night when her car exploded near Moscow. It is believed that the real target of the attack was her father. A. Dugin, sometimes referred to as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s brain”, previously advocated for a long time the unification of Russian-speaking territories into a huge new Russian empire and actively supported Russia’s current war in Ukraine. D. Dugina also supported the war.
Moscow blames Ukraine for this attack. Kyiv categorically denies this.

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