After the divorce with his wife, the spicy secret of Vitaly Klitschko from his personal life was revealed

However, in his show “Slava PRO”, Slava Demin revealed that the mayor of Kyiv has a lover, but for now he is hiding her from the public. Therefore, it can be concluded that V. Klyčko’s divorce from his wife Natalija was accelerated not only by the cooling of the relationship or the distance, but also by another woman.

Vitaly Klitschko says his heart is occupied by the capital of Ukraine, although, according to some information, Vitaliy Vladimirovich has more than Kyiv in his heart,” said the presenter, hinting at some mysterious woman.

We will remind you that recently Kyiv mayor V. Klyčko announced his divorce with his wife Natalija. He said that the couple had been living in different countries for many years, so divorce was a logical outcome of such a relationship.

“Many years – different interests, different lives. And we decided to make it official. This is the desire of both parties. We still have a good relationship, we respect each other, the children are grown up, and life goes on,” he said.

V. Klyčko and Natalija got married in 1997.

In marriage they had three children, two sons and one daughter.

Natalya has been living in Germany for the past few years, while V. Klychko stayed in Ukraine.

Recently, N. Klyčko also commented on his divorce with Kyiv mayor V. Klyčko. The woman also mentioned the reasons for the collapse of the relationship.

On her Instagram account, N. Klyčko (maiden name – Yegorova) publicly admitted that she wishes her ex-spouse all the best.

“Thank you for everything that has happened on our common path over the past 25 years. Our divorce is a thoughtful, mutually agreed-upon decision. It has already happened that during many years of living in different countries, our paths gradually diverged. We have raised three wonderful children to whom we will always be parents,” she wrote.

She also noted that she has maintained friendly relations with her former lover, and wished him all the best.

“Our relations continue to be friendly, full of mutual respect. We have always supported and will support each other in any circumstances… I wish Vitaly nothing but the best… A new chapter of life begins…” she added.

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