After the explosions in Belgorod, a crowd of Russians flocked to the railway station

Pictures show people standing in long queues, many people with huge travel bags and backpacks. The records say that all those people want to go to Moscow.

Some are clearly panicked. It is possible that due to the fact that there is only one train, there is also only one passage, and there are too many people.

The reasons for such an uproar are not specified. However, around 11:30 p.m. over Belgorod, according to information from local channels, at least two explosions were heard. What it was has not yet been announced.

Propaganda Russian media claim that the queues at the railway station were formed due to the repair of the railway tracks, and the explosions are being tried to be explained by anti-missile defense tests, as evidenced by a recording published on the Internet. There is also information that explosions were heard on the side of the airfield.

UNIAN reminds that Western intelligence is convinced that military facilities in the Russian city of Belgorod are legitimate targets of the Ukrainian army. The unnamed official said that Ukraine’s attacks on Russian Federation Army targets “have a huge psychological impact on the Russian government.”

He explains the attacks as a “synergy of incredibly brave people and new opportunities.”

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