After the loss to the Serbs, E. Ataman poured bile on the judges: “Great disrespect”

The Turkish basketball team, coached by Ergins Ataman, overcame a 21-point deficit, but fell 72:79 against the Serbian basketball players.

At the end of the duel, the senior strategist of the Turkish team spared no criticism of the match referees, who, according to the basketball specialist, made too many questionable decisions during the fourth quarter.

“We were getting close to a point where we could have won the game, and when the score was tied, the referees got into the game with their whistles.

This is a huge disrespect to the Turkish basketball team 16 thousand. in front of the fans. Of course, we also see our mistakes, we have made serious mistakes. However, I think that the FIBA ​​Referee Committee will be looking closely at the last half of this match.

The Serbian reserve players constantly opposed every decision in the last quarter, it is not logical when our bench was absurdly penalized with a technical foul in the first half of the duel”, E. Atamans poked his finger.

The Turkish coach also summed up the match itself, revealing how their first half differed from the game after the long break.

“We didn’t start the match well, especially in defense, we couldn’t stop Nikola Jokic. Offensively, we also struggled, our morale started to drop when we couldn’t find the right ways to attack the basket.

In the second half, we changed our strategy, we played with two tall players, we were more aggressive against N. Jokići and Serbian defenders”, reasoned the Turk.

Table (Wins): Latvia – 5, Greece – 4, Serbia – 3, Belgium – 3, Turkey – 2, Great Britain – 1.

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