After the scandal, the prime minister of Finland took a drug test: the results were revealed

This is stated in a statement of the Finnish government published on Monday, which is based on the portal “”.

“To Prime Minister S. Marin on August 19, 2022 after conducting a drug test, no narcotic substances were found,” the report notes.

It is also reported that the Prime Minister of Finland paid for the test herself.

Ms. Marin had to justify the party with friends and convince them that she had not taken drugs when videos of the fun appeared on social networks.

The word “jauhojengi” is heard in the recordings. In everyday language, the word “jaugo” meaning “flour” or “powder” is sometimes used to refer to drugs. S. Marin stated that she knew nothing about it.

According to the Prime Minister, she drank light alcoholic beverages during the party, but did not use drugs.

This is not the first time S. Marin has been embroiled in a partying scandal. Last December, she went to a nightclub after leaving her work phone at home. For this reason, the Prime Minister did not receive reports that she might be infected with the coronavirus, because before that she was in the same room with the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavist, who was infected with Covid-19.

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