After the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, propagandists ran out of patience

He writes about it

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that four American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles were allegedly destroyed by the Russian occupation forces near the front line.

However, it turned out that the Pentagon did not send to Ukraine such fighting machines did not even consider such a possibility.

Outraged by the lies of the Russian authorities, even local propagandists began to criticize the country’s Ministry of Defense. According to one of the authors of the largest Russian Telegram channels, lies and incompetence of Russian soldiers have reached such a level that disinformation and false news from the front reaches even the leadership of the Russian Ministry, and the authorities then broadcast it and make fun of it.

“The question of why such an incorrect report from the very bottom reached the bright heads of the generals without any obstacles, got into a short press conference, where no one bothered to check the received information,” the Russians write.

Military experts point out that Bradley infantry fighting vehicles have never been sent to Ukraine, and so far there have been no reports of plans to do so. A message denying Moscow’s lies also appeared on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in English.

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