After the suspension of transit, Russian oil is again supplied via Ukraine as usual

Russian oil pipeline operator Transneft said on Tuesday that oil supplies to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia via Ukraine were suspended on August 4.

Transneft then stated that due to the sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, it was no longer possible to make payments Ukraine for transit, so it was suspended.

Slovakian oil refiner Slovnaft and its controlling Hungarian energy conglomerate MOL offered to pay transit fees earlier this week, and both Ukraine and Russia agreed.

Oil supplies to these countries were resumed on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

Czech Industry and Trade Minister Jozef Sikela tweeted on Friday that the Czech Republic, which negotiated the transit separately, “found a way to unblock transit tax payments for oil supplies.”

“Supply was restored at 8 p.m. local (21:00 Lithuanian) time”, the spokeswoman for “Mero” confirmed to the AFP news agency.

After Russia sent its forces to Ukraine on February 24, The European Union (EU) and United States Moscow announced a series of unprecedented sanctions that cut Russia off from international financial institutions.

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, which are heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas, said they had enough oil in storage for several weeks and were unaffected by the eight-day shutdown.

Oil supply to Poland and for Germany the northern branch of the “Družba” oil pipeline through Belarus was not disrupted.

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