after the video, netizens do not spare him criticism

In one video, he emotionally pushed items on the table and made a remark to the staff.

Another video shows him getting upset when he put the wrong date on the documents, and he didn’t like the fountain pen that Charles III used to smear his hands with ink. Finally, the king gave the pen to his wife and left the premises.

Although there were various rumors about the king’s attitude towards his subjects, as soon as he took the throne, it was noticed that Charles III began to behave more strictly.

Fans of the royal family are not relenting and the king is being criticized.

“When you work less than a week and everything is outrageous. Charles III smeared himself signing documents. First, the king made a mistake in writing the date, and then noticed that the pen was smearing. He began muttering how much he hated it all, handed the pen to his wife and hurried into another room. Maybe it’s time for a vacation?”, “Imagine what would have happened if Meghan Markle did that. Everyone would say that she is not suitable”, – the fans did not spare their accents.

King Charles III became the monarch of the United Kingdom after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8. Next in line to the throne is Charles III’s eldest son, Prince William, who was proclaimed Prince of Wales by the King.

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