Already 20 Russian politicians are demanding Putin’s resignation

September 12 Ksenia Torstrem, a deputy of St. Petersburg’s Semyonovsk municipality, tweeted that nearly 20 deputies had signed the petition and that she was continuing to collect signatures.

Having launched a military invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, V. Putin does not tolerate dissent, on the other hand, public support for the war is beginning to decrease, especially when Ukraine announces that it is reclaiming territories from Russia in the northeastern part of the country.

Last week, deputies of the Smolny district municipality in Putin’s home city of St. Petersburg approved a text addressed to the Russian State Duma calling for Putin to be charged with treason and saying its decision to launch war in Ukraine harmed the security of Russia and its citizens.

Later, the municipal deputies were summoned to the police and charged with discrediting the country’s armed forces.

Last week, deputies of Moscow’s Lomonosov municipality also scolded V. Putin and called on him to resign, citing the fact that a change of power is important for the country’s well-being.

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