An explosion 1000 times more powerful than a bomb is dropped on Hiroshima: it took 105 years to find out what happened in Siberia

Tunguska, a remote area in Siberia, would be known only to atlas makers if not for this mysterious explosion. Witnesses who were about 500 km away from the explosion described a deafening sound and plumes of smoke rising from beyond the horizon. People who were about 170 km away reported seeing a burning ball in the sky that emitted a deafening sound even before the explosion.

People who were at a distance of 60 km from the explosion were knocked to the ground, some lost consciousness. Windows broke, things fell. 30 km from the place of the explosion – here was the nearest populated area. Several deer herders were asleep in their tents moments before the impact. The impact lifted them into the air, knocking them unconscious. One man was thrown several meters into the air and hit a tree. He later died from his injuries.

What really happened that early morning in 1908, and could such a disaster ever happen again? Only this time – not in a remote Siberian forest, but in a densely populated place?

Eyewitness accounts

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