An image of a disgruntled Charles III gesturing to his aides has gone viral on the Internet: it’s too early to judge his behavior

Just a few moments before signing the proclamation of his accession to the throne, the new ruler had to frantically wave his hands to his assistants to gather things from the table where he was to sit to sign the document.

The King gestured as he pointed to the fountain pen and inkwell his son William and Harry had given him.

“The servant must clear my table. Just don’t think I’m going to touch things myself,” joked one commenter who watched the live stream, while another added: “First day on the job and he’s already had it all figured out.”

“Charles’ fury over the fountain pen case was definitely the highlight of this broadcast for me,” commented another netizen.

In a ceremony held in the centuries-old Diplomatic Hall at Westminster St. At St. James’s Palace, Penny Mordaunt, leader of the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, invited His Majesty to sign two proclamations. One day of their Queen Elizabeth II’s death is declared a public holiday.

Earlier, the 73-year-old monarch gave a heartfelt speech about his mother’s death.

“My mother’s reign was unsurpassed in its duration, dedication and devotion. Even in grief, we express gratitude for this life of faithfulness. “I am deeply aware of this enormous legacy and the duties and great responsibility of the ruler,” said the king.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 At Balmoral Castle, her favorite retreat.

The death of the 96-year-old monarch ended the longest reign of a single monarch in British history. Elizabeth II spent seven decades on the throne. The last, platinum, anniversary of its management was celebrated in June of this year.

Saturday, just hours after the now-ex prince charles was officially proclaimed king, Princes Harry and William and Kate Middleton met Meghan Markle. The four gathered for a public viewing of flowers left by residents in honor of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

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