An incredible sensation! Germany kicked Greece out of the European Championship, Antetokounmpo sent off

The winner of this match, Germany, will face Spain in the semi-finals, which beat the Finnish team 100:90.

Therefore, the first pair of semi-finals consists of teams that both defeated Lithuania.

The same could be true for the second pair if Slovenia and France win their quarter-final matches on Wednesday.

In the quarter-final match, the German basketball players offered an unexpected pace from the first thoughts and showered the Greeks with three points. They made 8 field goals in the first half alone, and went 17-of-31 overall.

Although the Greeks were leading the score (57:61) after two quarters, everything was determined by a powerful German run of 20:1 after the break.

The monster Giannis Antetokounmpo did not save the Greeks either. He scored 31 points, but with just under 5 minutes left. with the result 96:82, he had to go to the locker room after an unsportsmanlike foul.

The German basketball players defeated the Montenegro national team 85:79 in the round of 16 on Saturday.

The Greek team is the only undefeated team until the quarterfinals: in the round of 16, the Greeks defeated the Czechs 94:88.

In the first round, the Germans played in Group B together with the Lithuanians in Cologne, where they finished second with 4 wins and 1 loss.

The Greeks beat all five opponents in Group C in Milan.

The first half. The Germans scored the first points and pulled away 19-9 after hurricane attacks. The Germans hit 6 three-pointers in halftime and led 22-11. Giannis Antetokounmpo saved Greece with 13 points. At the end of the half, the Germans remained in front, but only marginally (31:27).

The second half. The volleys of German three-pointers ended, but the home team remained in front for a long time with two shots. Finally, 17 min. the result was equal (44:44). G. Antetekounmpo soon changed the result, but Andreas Obst hit two three-pointers (53:51). However, before the break, Kostas Sloukas hit a three-pointer in the hearts of the Germans (57:61).

Before the break, the Germans hit 11 three-pointers (out of 17).

Antetokounmpo scored 19 points for the Greeks.

The third quarter. The Germans prevented the Greeks from scoring for several minutes and took the lead 64:61.

After Franz Wagner’s three-pointer, the Germans pulled away 69-62. After two more three-pointers and a two-pointer from under the basket, the score became 77-62.

A powerful run of 20-1 forced the Greeks to ask for another break, but their situation is already becoming almost hopeless.

G. Antetokounmpo rushed to save his team, but after three quarters, the German lead remained solid (83:71).

The fourth quarter. The Greeks came close to a single-digit difference, but German three-pointers poured in again (90:78).

In the middle of the half, Germany already led 96:80.

Finally, the Greeks’ hopes faded when 4 minutes left. 56 sec. Antetokounmpo had to go to the locker room after receiving an unsportsmanlike foul.

The Germans immediately scored their 100th point and calmly cruised to a stunning victory.

They were not overshadowed by Danny Schroeder’s technical foul, which sent the German offensive player to the locker room to bite Greek leader G. Antetokounmpo.

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