An unexpected visit to the Employment Service prompted Daiva to start his own business: since then, everything has developed at lightning speed

Kai Vilkaviškietė Daiva Venckienė once she entered the Employment Service, she had no idea what changes would await her after leaving. And they waited – in the next two days, Daiva founded his company and, as he jokingly says, became a real oil tycoon. Cracked oil press, non-oily seeds and customer suspicions about dilutable oil are just some of what the company’s five-year “Edible oilIts founder Daiva experienced years of development. Today, the interviewer shows her oil press and shares what the kitchen of this business is like.

When starting the story about her business, Daiva Venckienė from Vilkaviška first remembers the circumstances that led to the appearance of oils in her life. It turns out that both of the interviewee’s children, Rusnė and Kazimieras, were very allergic from birth and had to take antibiotics from an early age. Such a situation, when after the end of one medicine it was necessary to resort to others, Daiva started to worry, so she decided to turn to a homeopathy specialist. It was she who suggested trying hemp oil.

The interviewer continues that after two months of using the oil, positive changes began to be seen and the children’s illnesses were under control. After seeing how useful oils can be, Daiva says she kept thinking about having her own oil press, but the thoughts remained thoughts.

Until one day, the dream began to come true at lightning speed.

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