Appeal to Olaf Scholz: Germany can no longer afford to delay an important decision

According to MA Strack-Zimmerman, on that occasion the chancellor “should explain to our allies and partner countries with whom we have ties of friendship why his advisers are advising him not to supply Ukraine with urgently needed tanks.”

Germany can no longer afford to delay this decision, because “our values ​​of freedom and democracy are also defended in Ukraine,” said the energetic FDP politician, whose candidacy for the country’s defense minister was considered after the elections last fall. Unfortunately, this post went to Christine Lambrecht, a politician from the left wing of the Social Democrats.

“The US Ambassador to Germany, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen clearly asked Germany to take the initiative in Europe and supply tanks to Ukraine,” she reminded the Federal Chancellor. O. Scholz’s position that Germany will not be alone and will act together with its allies is “more likely fiction than reality’.

A week ago, the FDP defense expert MA Strack-Zimmermann called on the social democrat Ch. Lambrecht-led Ministry of Defense to urgently change course on the issue of supplying tanks to Ukraine.

The chairman of the defense committee told the AFP news agency last Tuesday that the ministry’s reluctance to supply weapons “harms Ukraine.”

“Despite the acute situation in Ukraine, Germany, more than any other Western country, focuses only on somehow fulfilling all obligations to NATO,” she criticized.

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