Are relationships in the royal family changing? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s gesture to little Princess Charlotte was captured

Her Majesty returned home to Windsor, whose St. In the crypt of St. George’s Chapel, she will be with her husband, father, mother and sister forever. A short service was held in the chapel yesterday, following her state funeral at Westminster Abbey this Monday.

During the funeral service, at the end of which the monarch’s coffin was lowered into the chapel crypt, the Dean of Windsor made a short speech.

He is seven years old Princess Charlotte, sitting between her 40-year-old mother, the new Princess of Wales, and her 37-year-old uncle, the Duke of Sussex, adjusted her hat. After that, the girl glanced at her uncle, who, looking up for a moment, caught Charlotte’s gaze and smiled at her.

A sweet moment was also captured between the little princess and Meghan Markle. Judvi shared it under Queen Elizabeth II funeral as the royal family gathered at Wellington Arch.

The 41-year-old Duchess of Sussex flashed a subtle but warm smile at her young niece after the monarch’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Meghan was serious throughout the day and even wiped away a tear as she joined the rest of the royal family to pay their last respects and say goodbye to Her Majesty forever.

The video shows seven-year-old Princess Charlotte standing next to her mother Kate Middleton and Queen Consort Camillos.

Standing at Wellington Arch, the little princess turned to see what was going on and met her aunt Meghan’s eyes. Meghan, who had been looking very serious and collected until she caught her niece’s gaze, smiled as Charlotte turned.

In the afternoon, Westminster St. The little girl also shared a sweet moment with her uncle, Prince Harry, during her great-grandmother’s funeral service at St. George’s Chapel.

As the Dean of Windsor made a short speech at the end of the service before Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was lowered into the crypt, Charlotte was seen adjusting her hat.

Funeral moments:

The day of the funeral in London:

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