Arestovich: A great disaster has befallen the Russian soldiers

O. Arestović commented on the rumors about of Ukraine the success of the forces at Balaklia.

Arguing about secrecy and the need to maintain informational silence, he only subtly hinted at the success of the Ukrainian forces.

“There is such a settlement in Kharkiv region of Ukraine, we have no right to mention its name. It was there that a great disaster befell the Russian soldiers. You can say that it is bad for them there, really very bad.

The problem was of such magnitude that we had to save ourselves by putting our feet up. I had to run far to the East. Some drink tea in captivity, but most will never drink it again,” said O. Arestović.

At the moment, the situation is very dynamic, and the adviser to the head of the administration of the President of Ukraine warns that surprises await the occupiers on the entire front.

Arestovich: Ukraine is conducting a double counterattack

According to O. Arestovich, the Ukrainian army launched two counterattacks against Russian positions in eastern and southern Ukraine.

O. Arestović did not provide more information about the location of these retaliatory attacks, only saying that such information must be disclosed by the General Staff. The dual counteroffensive is aimed at constraining the Russian reserve and preventing the Russian military from strengthening one part of the front at the expense of the other, he said, adding that the Ukrainian military is indeed putting heavy pressure on Russian forces.

Although Arestovich’s comments could not yet be verified, Russian state television correspondents reported that the town of Balaklia in eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region was under attack on Tuesday, with areas including the village of Verbivka being retaken.

Although Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the Kherson region in the south of the country has been underway since last week, the Ukrainian military has provided very little information on its progress, but US and British intelligence also indicates that Ukrainian forces are advancing in the area.

President Volodymyr Zelensky met with his top military commanders on Tuesday to discuss the situation. In an evening video address, he did not elaborate on the counterattack, but thanked all the men and women of Ukraine’s armed forces for their service.

The BBC Russian service reported that the Ukrainian armed forces launched a counterattack on the Kharkiv front – on Tuesday morning, Ukrainian soldiers suddenly struck a powerful blow to the flank of the so-called Izium Russian military group in the direction of Balaklia.

According to multiple, though unconfirmed, reports, Russian forces, mostly made up of mobilized Donbas residents, are making a hasty retreat across the Northern Donets River.

Pro-Russian Telegram channels are awash with reports that Ukrainian troops have captured the village of Verbivka near Balaklia, home to a large Russian arsenal. Other sources report that Ukrainian troops have already occupied Balaklia itself.

Russian Telegram channels are full of panic-inducing reports about the situation in occupied Balaklia. And the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves hint at good news in pushing the front line towards the enemy.

Ukrainian forces are already controlling the dynamics of the offensive in the Balaklia district (Kherson region), Russian Telegram channels report.

It is reported that after the successful offensive in Balaklia, located northwest of Izium, Verbivka has already passed under the control of Ukrainian forces. A large arsenal of ammunition is reported there. There is information that battles are raging on the outskirts of Balaklia.

If we are to believe the Russian propaganda Telegram channel “Zapiski veterana”, Ukrainian forces are conducting an active offensive in Balaklia, striking with large-caliber artillery and jet fire systems. Allegedly, Ukrainian forces have successfully established themselves on the outskirts of the city, “settled on the entire front of Kharkiv”, and Russian occupiers have damaged the bridge leading to the city center.

Another Telegram channel wonders how the armed forces of Ukraine can launch a counterattack if Iskander missiles are falling in the area every day: “Given the fact that the concentration of enemy forces in this direction is already known and the initial successes of the Ukrainian forces in Balaklia, one would like to to ask, where do those “Iskander” missiles fall every day?” – wonders “Vojenij osvedomitel”.

Many Telegram channels simply report on the difficult situation in Balaklia, but do not go into details, reports

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