As Russia pressures Europe, all eyes are on the Ukrainian gas pipeline

The link through Ukraine has already lost some capacity as a result of the war – and it is possible that as the conflict drags on and tensions between Moscow and Europe grow, it will eventually be shut down as well. While some countries considered friendly to the Kremlin still receive gas, Russia has gradually cut flows to major European economies in response to sanctions, plunging the region into crisis.

“Until the fighting is over, there is always a risk that the Ukrainian corridor will become inaccessible,” said Katja Yafimava, a senior fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. “Since Nord Stream is shut down, the Ukrainian corridor is basically the last remaining route for Russian gas to Europe.”

Russian shipments through Ukraine have been less than 40 percent daily since mid-May. of transit volumes provided for in the contract after the main cross-border point – Sochranivka – was deactivated. The Ukrainian network operator said it lost control of the facility when occupation forces seized the eastern part of the country, which borders Russia.

Thus, there was only one functioning point in Ukraine

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