At just 18 years old, a Ukrainian woman went to defend her country, and fell in love with a Lithuanian on the battlefield: where I was born, there I will rest

When I was preparing for a trip to Ukraine for the first time, these two expressions would best describe my state at that time, and especially the second one, which means senseless distraction, some kind of strange concern. Most of all, however, I was surprised by the calmness of the people who prepared me for the trip, who have an understanding of the war affairs in Ukraine.

It was surprising, and maybe even (to be very honest) annoying. I know, I was walking from a meeting on the street of the old town and I was a little displeased thinking “well, how is he here so, so things, so Ukraine, and he…” And he even seemed a little indifferent or sarcastic to me. Calm. Not distracted. Back then, it seemed to me that things should be done somewhat loudly, with a lot of vibration. Now I can only smile – it only took one trip there for me to become one myself – not without fear, but with a lot of peace inside, even when you talk about atrocities or horrors that are difficult for the mind to comprehend.

There are only two ways for me to return from the front

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