At the 3×3 European Championship, the women fell in the quarter-finals, the men reached the semi-finals and remained without medals

The European 3×3 Championship continues in Austria, where performances were also held by two Lithuanian national teams.

The campaign of the women’s national team ended in the quarter-finals, losing to the French national team – 16:18.

In a match marked by a very hard fight and a lot of fouls, the Lithuanians trailed 9:15 and then managed to slow down the pace of the match, but it was difficult to get close to the opponents – 15:18. A last-second throw did not save from elimination.

As many as 25 fouls were recorded during the 10-minute match.

He scored 5 points for the national team Kamilė Nacickaitė, Gabriele Šulskė and Monika Grigalauskytėadded one Martyna Petrėnaitė.

The men’s team also got into a tough fight in the quarterfinals, which they decided with the last shot, 18:17 after defeating the Belgians.

6 points were scored by the author of the decisive shot Marijus Užupisafter 5 added Darius Tarvydas and Evaldas Džiaugys2 – Ignas Razutis.

The semi-final was again decided in the last seconds. At 20:18, the Lithuanians had several chances to close the match against the Latvians, but they didn’t take advantage of it, and Nauris Miežius’ extremely long throw was fatal – the Lithuanians fell 20:21.

D.Tarvydas scored 8 points, I.Razutis 5, E.Dziaugys 4, M.Užupis 3. Karlis Lasmanis, who scored 12 points, dominated the ranks of the opponents.

In the fight for bronze, there was no more intrigue – the Lithuanians fell against the Netherlands 10:21.

D.Tarvydas scored 4 points, E.Dziaugys – 3, I.Razutis – 2, M.Užupis – 1. Dimeo van der Horst scored 10 points for the winners.


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