At the cyber defense conference – also NATO representatives

The head of NRD Cyber ​​Security Vilius Benetis invites to the annual conference Cyber ​​threats and defense in Lithuania 2022.

Cyber ​​security is relevant not only for objects of strategic importance in today’s world, and no company should underestimate the threats of cyber risks. How to prepare to counter them and what is most important in strengthening business resilience will be discussed on September 29. at the ongoing conference Cyber ​​Threats and Defense in Lithuania 2022.

Today, people use their virtual hands and operate with a lot of data, and almost every event is connected to the Internet. Wider access to the world wide web is like an open door through which oppressors and threats come along with benefits. The recent era has clearly shown that cyber war is no longer a theoretical concept, but we must be ready for anything. The European Commission, together with the European Union Network and the Information Security Agency (ENISA), publishes the month of cyber security and distinguishes between the two main issues of the year. phishing) and cyber-attacks for procurement (eng. ransomware.)

The Cyber ​​Threats and Defense in Lithuania 2022 conference will be held in Lithuania at the end of September. The organizer of the event is the company NRD Cyber ​​Security, which specializes exclusively in the field of cyber security, so the conference will discuss existing and potential threats. The purpose of the conference is not only to educate the business community, but also to talk in an understandable way about the steps that organizations can and should take in order to become more resilient.

Cyber ​​space is also protected by NATO

The last year has been a real test for all organizations dependent on information technology. Cyber-attacks currently seek not only financial or reputational damage to the organization, but also seek to achieve effects in physical domains through cyberspace (this is a big difference from what we observed earlier, when the main motivator was financial gain). today, through cyberspace, attempts are being made to change society’s behavior, to change public opinion, and thus to the state and its structures. Thus, the cyber security of each organization contributes to the security of the whole nation and our common security, assured the guest of the conference, Tomas Mogodia, head of the cyber operations and cyber defense operations department at the NATO Joint Force Headquarters in Brunsum (Netherlands).

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It stands out in another trend: excellent specialists and cyber security tools of the organization can still be accessed through IT supply chains, so IT service providers and relations with them become one of the biggest risks to be managed when ensuring the cyber security of your organization.

At the event, T. Mogodia will read a message about NATO’s role in ensuring a safe cyberspace, in which he aims to show the business community the need to protect cyberspace through the prism of military cyber operations. He emphasizes that cyberspace does not differ from any other air, land, air or space protected by NATO. The tasks are as follows: to ensure that the Alliance and its citizens will be safe 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Ensuring cyber security is a collective task, everyone can be a target and we must take all measures to protect our organizations in cyberspace, NATO officials said.

Not only the responsibility of the IT department

In recent months, disruptions or service disruption attacks have shown companies and state institutions that cyber security is no longer the responsibility of the head of the IT department. Leaked data or malfunctioning of key IT systems immediately become a priority on the agenda of the sales, marketing or sales manager, says Greta Takauskien, CEO of GENERAL FINANCING BANK. chief information security officer (CISO). She emphasizes that although more attention is already being paid to the security of IT systems, it is not uncommon for other critical security assurance components and processes to receive greater attention only after a breach occurs.

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At the conference, G. Takauskien will talk about the role of the information security officer (CISO) in the organization, so listening to him will be relevant not only for information security managers themselves, but also for company managers, board members, and IT managers. Especially if the people they represent are medium or large, and the IT systems will fall into operation.

Information security managers quite often work in the IT department and are subordinate to IT managers, this is the case both in the world and in Lithuania. However, I think that strengthening the security of IT systems is no longer needed. A large part of the cyber security incidents occur due to the lack of resistance to manipulation by employees, and the security of information and systems is still not taken into account when products or services are stolen. This raises a fundamental question: should the IT department be responsible for employee cyber security rating and sustainable operational processes in terms of security? rhetoricians ask G. Takauskien and hope that her message will help managers to see the multifaceted nature of ensuring information security and resilience.

Which defense is the most effective?

AV, EDR, XDR, NDR, SIEM, SOAR… All those acronyms are technical terms that describe the functionality of software designed to detect cyber threats. If once the market contained only classic antivirus programs that are well-known to everyone, today the choice is much wider. Andrius Januta, cyber security technical manager of Nord Security, will speak at the conference about how to choose a rank that will best meet the needs of a specific organization.

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Although they perform similar functions, they are very different solutions with their own pluses and minuses, depending on what cyber security goals you set for yourself. A wide selection of manufacturers and software contractors both helps and hinders. How to choose the right software, how to understand and interpret the differences between AV, EDR, XDR and other solutions on the market? I will try to help you better understand the fundamental differences between this software contract and what organizations need, says A. Januta.

In his presentation, he will further discuss XDR software. It’s a modern take on the problem of threat detection, reporting and automated management. XDR is one of the cornerstones of developing a zero-trust network. zero trust architecture (ZTA)), where the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) and the National Cyber ​​Security Center in Lithuania are recommended for use.

Unfortunately, there is still no consensus on the market as to what exactly that XDR is. Such a situation causes confusion for end users, who are already heavily burdened by different hands in the organization. However, the main thing to understand is that if the organization has not yet started thinking about XDR acquisition, it is time to start thinking now. Of course, it is not necessary to attack head-on, but it is worth considering purposefully and strategically what are the organization’s wishes and the desired results for the decision, says the expert.

Conference Cyber ​​threats and defense in Lithuania September 29, 2022 at the exhibition and congress center LITEXPO in Vilnius. The event is free. More information and registration i.a.

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