At the opening ceremony of the new season of TV3 – a group of brightly dressed stars of the air

During the celebration of the opening of the new season of TV3, many surprises awaited those gathered. One of them became the competition arena of the Lithuanian and Spanish basketball teams in Vilnius.

Having announced the slogan last season that we are all “Differently wonderful”, TV3 continues this idea this year.

Immediately after the intriguing match, the guests are even invited to two musical surprises.

Guests and moments of the event:

What will we see in the new season of TV3?

In the new season, viewers looking for selected, reliable and easily accessible information will be attracted not only by TV3 news, which has been considered the most watched for several years, but also by the show “Karštai su”. And the biggest news of this season is the show “In the spotlight with Edmund Jakilaičius”.

E. Jakilaitis, who has been named the country’s most influential journalist for a number of years, is returning to television and every evening from autumn he will share with the audience an irreplaceable and most significant dose of information about the events of each day.

On weekdays, television will invite you to dine with “The Simpsons”, and in the evenings, the series “Women Lie Better” will be shown, which is already celebrating its 15th season.

The Good Evening Show will continue on Wednesdays.

Every Saturday, the game “galvOK” will again invite the audience to the screens, and on Sundays, the 10th anniversary of the musical project “X factor”.

However, as in life, so in television – one emotion is replaced by another. “Farai” will prove that we are all equal before the law, “TV Pagba” will invite you to listen and try to understand, and the journalistic investigation show “Priesh srovė”, which has been on the air for more than 20 years, will find answers when no one else can find them.

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