Avia Solutions Group is expanding in the US

The office will be opened on August 25, and it will house and expand the activities of the subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group in the United KingdomChapman Freeborn“, which specializes in chartering business and corporate passenger and cargo aircraft, Avia Solutions Group said.

“The clear recovery of the international aviation industry and growing direct passenger flows in North America created excellent conditions to expand into the world’s second largest aviation market,” said the head of Avia Solutions Group in a statement. Jonas Yanukėnas.

According to him, there is currently a growing demand not only for commercial direct passenger flights in the US, but also in North and South America, but also a growing need for business and cargo aviation.

“We already expect that the gross profit for the fiscal year will reach about 17 million. US dollars, instead of the previously forecasted 10 million. US dollars”, said J. Janukėnas.

Currently Avia Solutions Group in the United States of America has three offices: one in California and two in Florida.

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