Awkward questions. Guests – Edgaras Lubys-Amberlife

“I did not participate for the money, but for the people. People don’t communicate very strongly, I try to follow that middle path, because maybe I will be the link that will connect those two shores”, the performer expresses his position.

True, the host of the show, R. Mackevičius, does not spare bitter retorts that not knowing about the bad work of the festival organizers does not exempt them from responsibility, and that the path should be chosen anyway, because it is clear.

In the show, the performer will also talk about creativity, the need for music nowadays, as well as the waves and ebbs and flows of his career, of which there were many. According to him, there are five artists in the country who share the biggest part of the music pie, while the others have too little space under the sun and attention.

E. Lubys will also talk about alcohol, which he once finally decided to give up. According to him, he did not create anything good while intoxicated.

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