B. Varadis: about the arrival in Vilnius, the seriousness of the injury and the painful loss

Meet the newcomer of Vilnius “Ryto”, whom fans of the capital club have not yet seen in a friendly match. In an open one-on-one interview – 27-year-old Benedeks Varadis and Paulius Ambrazevičius.

During the European Championship match between Hungary and Lithuania, B. Varadis dislocated his finger. The offensive player who came to Vilnius with an arm brace and is still wearing it should be ready for the official start of the season.

“Even I don’t know what happened. I think I was holding someone’s shirt, but it felt like I hit the body. Probably because there was a ball. And that was a problem, because later, when I was no longer in pain, I saw that something was wrong. When I went to the locker room, they were trying to put my finger back in place because it was dislocated.

Three different people tried to put it back in place but couldn’t. I went to the hospital, got an x-ray, got an injection and put my finger back on. I was in the hospital for about 2 hours and they informed me that I will have to wear a brace for another two weeks,” said B. Varadis.

The 195 cm tall basketball player, who had already visited Vilnius with Sombathey’s “Falco” at the beginning of February, immediately liked this city and the atmosphere created by the fans in the capital. B. Varadis also remembered the first interest from the “Ryto” club.

“I was on vacation and an agent called me. Of course, it was that time of year when I knew he would call me with offers. Then our coach called me (Giedrius Žibėnas – author post), I talked to him for 30 or 40 minutes and it was really nice. The first impression was that, well, “Rytas”, I know this club and Lithuanian basketball. It’s really important to me, when I signed the contract, everyone in Hungary said it was a big deal. I wasn’t shocked, but I wanted to go to Vilnius right away and do everything,” said B. Varadis.

Hungarian League Cup and Championship in 2021. the winning player went through a very difficult time. Before the first match of the national cup, B. Varadis received painful news – the basketball player lost his mother.

“It happened a week before the Hungarian Cup, in April. It was very difficult, but I have always been like this and I knew that my mother was like my coach. She knows me and knew what I was like. Sometimes we talked about it when some tragedy happened, how to control it. When that happened, I immediately went to practice because if I had sat at home, that’s the worst thing that could have happened. I went through it with my family and teammates.

During these few hours at practice, I could just turn off my head and focus on basketball. I think that’s what helped me a lot during that time. And later we played in the cup competition, won three matches and won the first Hungarian Cup for Sombathej”, – recalled the painful loss of Ryto’s rookie.

The player also talked about interesting nicknames, playing for Sombathei’s hometown, his breakthrough season and the importance of fans in basketball.

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