BBC: 900 elite Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

Journalists were able to confirm that 151 special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) were killed. Of them, 22 percent officers, that is, almost one in four. Another 245 occupiers identified by reporters are members of the Russian National Guard.

Most of them belonged to special-purpose units, such as the rapid response unit SOBR and OMON. About a quarter of them held military rank, and 16 soldiers wore maroon berets, a distinctive symbol of elite special forces.

From publicly available sources, reporters learned that 20 employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Federal Security Service (FSO) were liquidated. Among them were officers from classified units.

As for the paratroopers, the biggest losses were recorded in the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment from Kostroma. The Armed Forces of Ukraine removed 80 officers, including the regimental commander. The most elite unit of the Russian Airborne Forces, the 45th Guards Special Forces Brigade, also lost some of its members. Journalists learned about 14 dead occupiers.

And among the marines, the 810th brigade from the temporarily occupied Crimea was the most unlucky. Two brigade commanders and 56 soldiers fell at the hands of Ukrainian defenders. The Russian Air Force is also mentioned in the study. The Ukrainians eliminated a total of 67 pilots, stormtroopers and flight mechanics.

Citing Western and Russian experts, the journalists concluded that the occupying army was not prepared for the attack. As a result, Marines, special forces and paratroopers had to perform tasks that normally rest on the shoulders of infantrymen. According to specialists, it will not be easy for the RF to compensate for such large losses of elite soldiers.

UNIAN reminds that military expert and Bellingcat researcher Christo Grozev claimed at the end of April that Russia In Ukraine lost 90 percent. his elite paratroopers and many experienced mercenaries.

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