BBC: At least 10 members of the elite Russian National Guard have been killed in Ukraine

July 28 the veterans organization Bratstvo krapovych beretov – Penza released a video of the Merkurij special purpose unit, which shows photos of 18 members of the unit with dark ribbons, two carnations lying next to them.

July 27 Ukrainian media reported that the location of the Merkurij special forces unit in the Kharkiv region was shelled. During the shelling, the elite squad probably suffered losses.

Based on the aforementioned photos and publicly available data, the BBC was able to confirm the names of 10 dead special forces soldiers. Here are some of them:
Major Viktoras Slushkins;
senior ensign Pavlas Stepanenka;
Sergeant Maksim Tregubenka;
Corporal Jaroslav Sims.

Some of them died back in May and some people died on the same day (July 19, 2022).

The BBC notes that in the case of Lt. Nikita Tsvirenko, there is evidence that he served in a special-purpose unit of the Russian National Guard, but it is not clear in which city.

2021-2022 N. Cvirenka excelled in football and orienteering competitions in Smolensk, where “Merkurij” is based. His photo and date of birth match the published image of the fallen officer.

According to BBC information, senior lieutenant of the same unit Anatoly Yezhov was killed together with N. Cvirenka.

Photos of eight of the 18 special purpose soldiers (ie 40 percent of the possibly dead members of “Merkurij”) have not yet been identified.

“This coincides with the trend we observe in the cemeteries of various Russian settlements. Analyzing after 2022 February 24 funerals of fallen soldiers, we identify those whose deaths were reported publicly, as well as another 40-60 percent. of buried soldiers and officers, whose death was not reported by the authorities, local journalists, or relatives on social networks,” the journalists stated.

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