became a yoga teacher and changed his attitude

Mindaugas and Milana have just returned from the place where the man’s journey began eight years ago. So many years ago, the couple visited Bali – there Milana took Mindaugas to a yoga class, where he became fascinated with the physical part of the practice.

“Since that day, Milana has become one of the most experienced yoga, meditation teachers, and now an educational leader. I was always there and deepened my experience until I became a yoga teacher myself. Yoga is a choice to live with an open heart. Accepting all the processes that come and allowing you to feel them the way you want to,” philosophized M.Rainys.

He went with Milana and her daughter from his first marriage, Daniele Teresa (10), to an island in Indonesia in early June. For four weeks, the family took handfuls of all the feelings that Bali openly gives.

“The trip was planned and awaited for a long time. If not for the pandemic, we would have returned to this island earlier. It was a slow and at the same time rich time with many experiences”, smiled the TV host and invited him on a journey of his spiritual search.

– Bali is inseparable from sacredness, meditation, extremely warm locals. What is he like in your eyes?

– I knew what Bali is like since 2014, when I first came here. In fact, my life partner Milana and I admitted that during those eight years of traveling around the world, we were looking for the same or a similar feeling that Bali gives us. But nowhere in the world is what the Island of the Gods opens up.

The friendship between nature and civilization creates a unique space for living. The humid, warm and sunny climate slows down the pace, and the daily rituals of the people draw them into the sacred reality.

For a Westerner, logistics can be a headache, as the traffic jams here are heavy, so a 4 kilometer trip can take up to 40 minutes. However, a local friend and I shared the idea that it was just another slow-paced, part of the game that you just surrender to. Great food, wellness services and howling monkeys everywhere make you rediscover yourself.

Although on this trip I already understood that this island does not accept everyone. You won’t find the most beautiful beaches in the world here, and the constant thirst can be tiring, but once you turn off the resistance to the constant detox of body, mind and soul, you experience the true power of the Island of the Gods.

– Eight years ago in Bali, you met a man who destroyed the myth that it is difficult for men to find themselves in yoga. This time you visited him again. How has your approach changed over time?

– Yes, the first lesson in Bali was with a teacher from Latin America – a dry muscular body, great strength and flexibility beyond my understanding. His class busted the myth that yoga requires maximum flexibility: what you have today is enough, and it will only increase over time. No more thinking that you can’t have a physical discharge. It’s a myth that yoga is just push-ups. A vigorous yoga sequence requires more effort than a 10-kilometer run.

At the same time came the realization of the meaning of physical activity – why do you raise your hand, why do you stretch your back. All of these answers only became more apparent later because it was already my experience. She made me realize that yoga is my personal practice that develops my body, mind and soul. My physical transformation in eight years is immeasurable, my inner balance is greater than ever, and at the same time I feel not punishing myself, but loving, every time I immerse myself in self-practice.

– I understand that Bali will always remain a place to which you will always want to return.

– There are several places in the world where I would still like to be, but experience already knows that Bali occupies the largest part of it. Yes, the island is called the island of a thousand temples, religious festivals are held here several times a week. There is no shortage of sacred places and rituals that you can participate in yourself. Balinese Hinduism and to a lesser extent Buddhism is more open than in other parts of Asia, but Bali reminds me time and time again of the most important faith, the faith in love. If you want to, you can keep it secret, or you can simply surrender. Its sense is encoded in the people living here, in its nature.

You will not be alone here, even if you physically arrived that way. You will feel your heart beating more open, freer, accepting everything you find.

– You have said that you never considered yourself religious, but at the same time you believed. Many would say it means the same thing. What do you believe today?

– With all due respect, I leave the words “religious” and “believer” to those who want to consider them synonymous. It was like that on my road for a long time. As my parents taught me from childhood, but only over time, after experiencing the roller coaster of life, I realized that I am not attached to religiosity.

I am liberal for all free forms of religion that allow freedom to experience earthly existence. I am free to embrace practices that allow me to see more than the sun, the sea, and the moon. I am happy to immerse myself in meditation and grateful for the blessing of a Hindu priest.

I still cross as the plane takes off. I am alive in my yoga practice and happy to have found a beautiful rug for my home. It’s all me, although sometimes I break one of the commandments and scold an innocent driver on the street because of my neuroses.

I don’t follow any dogma, but I try to be a better person than yesterday. I believe that I can and do help by doing so without any inner ego gratification. Because I believe.

I have believed since childhood that goodness and beauty, light is what allows us to taste the pleasure of life. I know what it means to be angry, to hate, to be jealous, but it all tastes unbearably disgusting in my mouth.

That’s why I try to live the day with freshness. All this fits into the word “love” – ​​for yourself, for others, for life. For me, there are no impossible tasks at work, no insurmountable mountains and the glass always seems half full.

At the moment, I am trying my best not to lose faith in myself, because I have already learned to believe in others, and I sometimes tend to neglect myself. But I’m on the road and it’s very interesting.

– You actively share deep thoughts on your social network, you often thank Milana for discovering a different life in your posts. What were you like before you met her?

– Saying thank you to Milan on a social network is a very small but public form of thanks. She is only a small part of what I communicate live and only to her. And I am grateful to her both as a man and as a person.

We both made a decision to accompany each other on our journey and witness what is happening in our lives. At the same time, we both create a reality where her femininity and humanity are immeasurable. She is unique in her presence with me and without me. It arouses curiosity, it inspires to live. It strengthens faith.

I am thankful that I have the privilege of witnessing her journey and I am grateful that she helps navigate and sometimes just witnesses mine. She let me experience myself.

Before I met her, I was different. Not worse and not better – just another, which, if left behind, is no longer relevant today.

She herself learns from her experiences every day, discovers new powers that allow her to create a real world. In her regular yoga classes, people experience themselves. She organizes yoga teacher courses that help people discover new life choices, and in educational leadership sessions she strengthens the human being and paves the way to a happier self. She is constantly moving forward with the utmost love.

– What thoughts do you and Milana share?

– I will not open up about this issue. What we share is sacred. We are creators, so we create and invite to our creativity in practices.

– Do you face the feeling of fear, or have you learned to control it?

– I constantly repeat to myself and hear from those closest to me: “You can always choose – fear or love.” If your actions are based on fear, you will enter into a senseless fight, which is based on hurting yourself and others. That equals defeat.

And if you act out of love, you won’t make a mistake, all choices will lead to a full-fledged creation of a bright world. True, I have to keep reminding myself of this, because I am a human being, a father and a husband who has something to live for. Who has bad days, but I’ve learned to spot them.

I don’t change the feeling in a moment, but I have my rituals: yoga, meditation, running, Eastern martial arts, breathing. All this helps in the most difficult moments not to let go of faith that everything that happens will pass. I will learn something and see the sun again. Fear binds, which is why it’s important to move. Move physically, mentally and spiritually.

– What do you think people lack today before complete peace? How to discover yourself and understand your feelings?

– It is difficult to answer what kind of peace we expect. It’s quiet in the grave, but is it life? There have always been and always will be roller coasters. In general, I avoid absolute or general advice. I am not an expert on public behavior or psychological well-being. My experiences and insights are meant to help me live in harmony. Without panic attacks, depression and suffering.

But there are still difficult moments, only getting out of them becomes easier. I have learned to let go of what no longer belongs to me, to stop chasing empty ideals and to experience the joy of life from what comes today. I continue to strive, to dream, but to every action I put a measure of love. Sometimes, caught in inertia, I deny it and find myself back in my misery. Then I calm down and create a bright routine again. I invite people to connect or find like-minded people and everything becomes more harmonious in my reality. What I can conclude from this is that we choose where we want to be personally and all together, and to begin, as corny as it may sound, you have to start with yourself.

– Can you say today that you accept yourself as you are – with all the flaws, advantages and feelings that come with it?

– I’m learning to accept myself as I am, but for that to happen, I first had to understand, and I’m still discovering, what I am. Under those nine locks. Your fragility while listening to music. Without other opinions stuck in your head, but from an inner, free feeling. I am purifying my true values ​​and I am no longer ashamed of them. I embrace my masculinity not in muscle size, but in willpower. And I love – as much as I can today.

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