before the news, the performer was suffering from depression

Jazzu and her lover found out that she was six weeks pregnant while on vacation in the Philippines.

“When I left for the Philippines, I didn’t like life anymore, I was terribly depressed. I didn’t know where to look for help, and I’ve been looking for it in every way for many years… I closed myself in a room for a month, being in nature, in the most beautiful jungle…” – the famous singer began her open story on the show.

Viewers of the show will have the opportunity to hear the whole sensitive story that changed the lives of Jazzu and her lover, find out what mantra she repeated to herself every day and how it ended.

The child has already turned his life around

Jazz’s beloved Donatas, who has been in love with her since she was only eighteen, revealed on the first night of their meeting that he would like to have children with her. The woman’s opinion about children at that time was quite different. However, according to the artist, the universe arranged everything as it should be – that’s how a child from outer space found its way into her life.

“A lot of things have changed. Essential, probably, is complete purification and grounding. It’s the feeling closest to what I consider enlightenment. This is the infinite happiness that I searched for every day – I realized that I had never been happy before. I’m finally interested in living,” says Jazzu, who now starts every day with love for life.

While waiting for the baby, Jazzu did not stop her activities and worked as much as she probably has not worked in any other summer. oh

viewers of the show will see moments from her performances and learn about her plans for the X Factor project, where she is one of the judges. However, one of the most sensitive moments of the show will still be different. This is Jazzu’s story about the fallen member of their team, Dom.

Those who want to know how pregnancy changed Jazzu’s life, what kind of mother she thinks she will be and whether she will return to the stage, you are invited not to miss this Sunday’s show “World by Women”.

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