Bentley’s design revolution, the limited edition Batur with the most powerful W12 engine

Bentley has unveiled its latest limited edition model, the Mulliner Batur. Not only does it feature solutions that no Bentley car has had to date, but it also offers a glimpse into what the manufacturer’s all-electric models will look like in the future.

To fully understand the role of this model in the Bentley range, you need to go back in time. The history of Mulliner craftsmen began long before Bentley. Starting with the Big one

For over 250 years, they have been manufacturing British Royal Mail and luxury private carriages

passing the love of craftsmanship and handcrafted luxury from generation to generation. When the carriage changed

the first cars Mulliner started making custom bodies and interiors.

It is important to emphasize that buying a car a century ago looked completely different than it does today.

The owners first chose the chassis and engine of their favorite manufacturer. Then he ordered

body and interior production in a separate company. This way they could create car shapes

according to your taste and available technologies at that time. Mulliner, Zagato, Bertone, Pininfarina and other coachbuilding companies are still associated to this day with bold shapes that craftsmen carved out of aluminum or steel sheets with the help of special tools.

The rarest cars in the world

Following the same philosophy, the Mulliner division produced another exclusive Bentley model, the Bacalar, a few years ago. Despite being based on the Bentley Continental Cabriolet, every design line and body part is absolutely unique. This is emphasized by the fact that there are only 12 such cars in the world.

This tradition continues with the new Batur, whose name, like Bacalar, is inspired by a body of water. Lake Batur was formed in the crater of a dormant volcano in Bali, Indonesia. This lake is 88 meters deep and is not only a tourist attraction but also an important source of water for agriculture and nearby hot water streams.

The only limit is the imagination

Each of Batur’s 18 models will be developed together with the customer who ordered it. Mulliner’s design team will allow the customer to choose colors, textures and unique materials through a special program that allows them to see in advance what the final version will look like.

They will be able to customize even such details as, for example, the colors of the air intakes. Therefore, each model will be unique, and its appearance will depend only on the owner’s imagination and personality. Afterwards, the entire process will be done by hand, and one Bentley Batur model will take several months to complete.

Bentley’s design team reveals that the Bentley Batur gives a glimpse of what the manufacturer’s future all-electric models will look like and where their design is headed. However, engineers have developed a completely new engine for this model, the likes of which are unlikely to be produced in the future.

The most powerful W12

The most powerful engine in the history of the manufacturer is installed here. Bentley engineers significantly improved the existing 6-liter 12-cylinder engine by installing a new intake system, improved turbochargers, a new intercooler and a reprogrammed engine computer. This allows the Bentley Batur to develop as much as 740 hp and reach a torque of 1000 Nm. All of this is complemented by the lip-smacking sound of a new titanium exhaust system with 3D-printed tailpipes for the first time in Bentley history.

The Bentley Batur will not only perfectly demonstrate the power that can be achieved with almost 20 years of development of the unique W12 engine, but will also be one of the most dynamic models in the manufacturer’s range. This will ensure a suspension that uses all the sophisticated solutions of the manufacturer. For example, air shock absorbers with a triple expansion tank will allow you to precisely select the stiffness of the suspension, and anti-roll bars controlled by 48 V motors will give this refined coupe the response of a sports car.


Meanwhile, the electrically controlled limited slip differential will provide more adrenaline when exiting the corner. It slightly slows down the wheels on the inside of the corner, sending more power to the outside wheels, so the Bentley Batur driver exits the corner much faster and with more confidence.

A lion ready to attack

But let’s go back from the inner beauty to the outer, which is the most important part not only of this model, but also of Bentley’s future strategy. The bold and expressive lines of Batur herald a new stage in the manufacturer’s design. Bentley commits to launching its first electric model in 2025, followed by the manufacturer’s entire range.

All of them will be characterized by harmonious lines and, as the Bentley design team says, will resemble a calm and ready-to-attack beast at any moment. All this impression will be enhanced by an extremely long hood, which will set the tone for the entire design of the car.

The main difference between the Batur and the current Bentley models is the completely new design of the grille and lights. This time they are slightly steeper and mounted lower. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the model, they can be supplemented with special colored elements that will give a color transition or “ombre” impression. Additional sportiness will be given to “Batur” by an expressive front air splitter and a rear retractable air spoiler. Customers will be able to choose from an endless color palette, and for the most discerning, hand-drawn graphic elements.

Travel for two

The spirit of individuality and luxury handcrafted by Mulliner will prevail in the Bentley Batur cabin. This model will be a two-seater, and most of the finishes used here will be produced sustainably, underscoring the manufacturer’s commitment to creating cars with no negative impact on the environment. For example, natural leather finishes are created from cattle kept in Scotland, thus significantly shortening the logistical distance. Meanwhile, those looking for a sporty look will be able to choose the new Dinamica material, which resembles the suede used in sports cars, but is completely sustainable.

Meanwhile, for the dashboard and other trims, the developers of the Mulliner division will use a natural composite that resembles carbon fiber in appearance. These surfaces will be able to be complemented by graphic elements. For example, in the first Batur model, passengers will be greeted by an engraved sound diagram of the W12 engine, which can be changed according to preferences and tastes. Shiny interior elements such as the ventilation levers or the drive mode dial can be made of titanium or three-dimensionally covered with 18-karat gold.

Attention to detail and sustainability will even be applied to the carpets, which will be color-matched to the overall interior design. This is the first time in Bentley’s history that the mats will be made from recycled yarn.

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