Biden sent a stern warning to China and Russia

In a rare, in-depth interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Mr. Biden did not confirm the White House’s repeated position that he would definitely run for president again in 2024.

Mr. Biden, who turns 80 in November, told host Scott Pelley that re-election is his “intention.”

“But is the decision to apply firm?” It’s not clear yet,” he said.

“It’s too early,” the president said, calling himself a fatalist.

While reviewing the state of the world’s largest economy, Mr. Biden spoke optimistically.

He declared that the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States was “over” and predicted that his administration would succeed in taming the inflation that has been denting his approval ratings and stoking Republican hopes of taking control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

In the interview, Mr. Biden also appeared to retreat from Washington’s decades-long stance of “strategic ambivalence” toward Taiwan, saying he would send troops to defend the autonomous island in the event of a Chinese invasion.

Speaking about the main economic and geopolitical rival of the United States, Mr. Biden said he warned Chinese President Xi Jinping not to support Russian aggression against Ukraine with military means.

According to Mr. Biden, he told Xi Jinping that Beijing’s support for Moscow would put an end to U.S. and other foreign investment in China, and to think otherwise would be a “huge mistake.”

He also said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear or other unconventional weapons against Ukraine, the United States will respond “appropriately.”

Mr. Biden praised the Ukrainians for their tenacious fight against Russian aggression and said that “they are winning against Russia.”

When asked how the victory in Kyiv should be defined, the president replied, “victory in the ongoing war in Ukraine would be the complete expulsion of Russia from Ukraine.”

Despite poor personal ratings and polls suggesting Democrats could lose control of at least one chamber of Congress, Mr. Biden said he was optimistic.

After stressing that employment continues to grow and the economy is strong, Mr. Biden said, “As they say, we expect a soft landing.”

Asked if he was physically and mentally capable of continuing such a grueling job at such a respectable age, Mr. Biden said: “We bet?”

“You know the old saying, ‘You won’t know until you try,'” he added.

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