“Bit” opens a new data center in Vilnius

Gintas Butnas, CEO of UAB Bit Lietuva. photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V).

The telecommunications company Bit Lietuva is opening a new data center near Vilnius, which, according to us, will provide customers with higher data protection, as well as complement the data centers previously operating in Kaunas, Riga and Vilnius.

It will be located in the Data Inn data center south of Vilnius, where UAB Duomen logistikos centras is managed, according to the Bits announcement.

The exact investment amount is not disclosed. In unofficial terms, it will reach several million. Eur.

Bits data center. Company photo

The new data center meets Tier III standards, which are highly valued by the world’s largest companies: this will ensure even greater data security and business continuity for our customers. From now on, we can provide business customers with the most important IT services they need in one hand, said Gintas Butnas, CEO of UAB Bit Lietuva.

The certificate requires that the data center has independent power cords, backup cooling devices, independent optical fiber cords, and works even in the event of a power outage.

According to Bits, the data center will use only renewable energy.

According to G. Butna, the company will provide its customers with data duplication centers in different parts of the country (geo-redundancy). It is necessary that if there is a malfunction in one branch (fire, power outage, etc.), customer data remains safe in the other branch.

If possible, Bit will arrange data centers between Lithuania and Latvia, in case of need in Germany or Europe.

V reminds that Bits announced the construction of a new data center near Vilnius at the beginning of the year competitor Telia Lietuva, investing 10 million in the project. Eur.

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