Blinken calls on the UN to respond to the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine

“The international order that we are gathered here to support is being destroyed in our view,” he said during a special meeting of the Security Council held during the continuation of the UN General Assembly session.

“We cannot and will not allow the president viburnum would go unpunished,” he added.

According to A. Blinken, V. Putin is “adding kerosene to the fire” with his latest actions, including the mobilization of reservists and preparations for referendums in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine at a time when Kyiv’s military is conducting a counterattack and has already retaken a number of territories from the Russians.

The head of the US diplomacy emphasized that it is extremely important to show that “no state can redraw the borders of another state by force”.

“If we fail to defend this principle at a time when Kremlin violates it so blatantly, we will send a signal to all aggressors that they can ignore it too,” he said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrovwith whom A. Blinken refuses to meet in person since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, hit back at Western accusations.

“Today they are trying to impose a completely different narrative on us about Russian aggression as the primary cause of this tragedy,” Lavrov told the Security Council.

He accused Ukraine of “Russophobia”, which, according to him, also manifests itself in setting rules for the Ukrainian language.

“At the behest of international human rights organizations, the United States and its allies are covering up the crimes of the Kyiv regime,” Lavrov said.

France, currently chairing the Security Council, convened the meeting in order to emphasize the desire to ensure responsibility for the events in Ukraine.

“There is no peace without justice,” French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna told reporters.

The United Nations Secretary General opened the meeting Antonio Guterres noted that the UN Human Rights Council is examining a “catalogue of atrocities” that includes mass executions, sexual violence, torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment of civilians and prisoners of war.

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