BMW begins production of fuel systems for hydrogen-powered cars

Photo by Linas Butkaus (VŽ).

Mass production of BMW iX5 fuel cells has started at the BMW factory in Munich. The Bavarian concern is the only car manufacturer in Germany that has decided to experiment with fuel cell powered cars.

“When developing fuel cells, the BMW Group is focusing on an alternative, non-polluting technology that will be implemented in the future small series BMW iX5 Hydrogen. At the moment, the production of the hydrogen drive component has already started”, – it is announced on the company’s website.

The model has been in development since 2015. Based on the BMW X5 SUV, from 2021. successfully tested on German roads, and in winter in Sweden, near the Arctic Circle.

Other German automakers don’t see hydrogen-powered cars as a viable option for the industry, so they’re turning to electric cars to cut carbon emissions.

But trucks are something else. In this segment, according to many experts, according to, it is better to switch from diesel (or gasoline) to hydrogen, especially when transporting heavy loads. Because going long distances can require excessively large and, most importantly, heavy batteries, and charging them on the road will take too long. But there are also strong proponents of electric trucks in the industry.

At the moment, no one in Germany, apart from BMW, plans to produce hydrogen-powered cars, although Mercedes-Benz and Audi have experimented in this area. In addition, the Bavarian car factory is successfully transitioning to the production of electric cars. It is planned by 2030 at the latest. equip half of the production with electric motors.

Oliver Zipse, chairman of the board of BMW, has no doubts that the technologies can be harmonized.

“For us, hydrogen-powered cars are an ideal technology that can rationally complement electric cars and thus complement the range of solutions in the field of electric cars,” says the chairman of the board.

The fact that they will not even be sold or leased emphasizes the experimental nature of the hydrogen cars that have started production. They will be handed over to selected car enthusiasts in Germany, France, USA, Japan, South Korea and China to test under normal conditions.

But O. Zipse confirms that BMW management is already thinking about second-generation hydrogen cars. They will be produced and sold by 2025.

He adds that the technology could be particularly in demand in the production of the largest and heaviest SUVs.

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