Brazil has banned Apple from selling iPhones without chargers

Photo by Lucy Nicholson (File Photo/Reuters/Scanpix)

Brazil banned Apple from selling iPhones without chargers in the country and allocated more than 2 million USD fine, the government said on Tuesday, accusing the US tech giant of discriminatory practices.

In an official statement, Brazilian authorities said they will “immediately suspend the distribution of iPhone-branded smartphones, regardless of model or generation, if the phone’s packaging does not include a phone battery charger.”

Also, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security ordered the California company to pay 12.28 million. real (almost $2.4 million) fine.

The measure announced by the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense essentially bans the sale of all iPhone 12 and 13 models.

Brazil has been under investigation since December for substandard product sales, consumer discrimination and third-party liability after Apple decided to sell iPhone 12s and newer versions of the phone without chargers.

Brazilian state agencies had already fined the American company, but the latter allegedly took no measures to mitigate the damage and continued to sell mobile devices without chargers, the report said.

According to authorities, Apple claims that the decision to sell iPhones without chargers was made to protect the environment.

However, the ministry decided that such a decision did not have an effective impact on the protection of Brazil’s land, and accused the company of deliberately discriminating against consumers.

“It is not a justifiable solution when, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a product enters the consumer market, the use of which depends on the purchase of another product that is also marketed by the company,” the report said.

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