British war expert: war could be over by Christmas

The reason, he said, is the current situation at the front, which does not bode well for the Russian army.

“I always thought it would last next year. Now I think it is possible. No one wants to say that everything will be over by Christmas, but now it is possible, it can be Russian army collapse,” claimed E. Stringer.

The expert estimated that the probability of the development of such events is 30-40 percent.

“I don’t see the Russians being able to regain the momentum to regain the initiative and go on the offensive again,” Stringer said. “Now we are watching how all this will develop on the ground, and there is hope that Zelensky will be in a position to start negotiations on favorable terms.”

According to E. Stringer, it is possible that V. Zelenskyi can even return it Ukraine the whole of Russia confiscated territories.

“In the end, all conflicts end in negotiations. You have to decide to what extent you should keep contact channels open (with Putin) and to what extent you allow him to think that he is still part of the family of nations,” the expert emphasized.

According to the retired marshal, all this raises doubts about the future of Putin and Putinism in general, and West should now think carefully about what the world will be like after V. Putin.

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