Britney Spears and Prince William had an online romance when they were young

B. Spears had stated that she had discussed going out to dinner with the prince in the United Kingdom, but nothing came of it. Their relationship ended, and for a long time there were rumors of a secret affair in the public.

At that time, Britney was at the peak of her popularity, she organized concert tours all over the world: the songs “Baby one more time”, “Oops! I did it again”. No wonder the prince paid attention to this goddess of the pop scene.

Unfortunately, Britney never became part of the royal family.

“We corresponded by e-mail. He was supposed to come visit me, we were supposed to go to dinner, but it didn’t work out,” said the 20-year-old at the time.

Naturally, after such a statement from her, the tabloids simply exploded with scandalous headlines and pasted joint photos of William and Britney.

“Were you attracted to Prince William?” asked the host on the talk show.

“Yes,” the singer did not mince words and admitted that she did not understand why William decided to break up with her.

Rumors about the couple’s cyber romance had been circulating for months before Britney’s interview, but Buckingham Palace always denied them, and there were rumors that the palace did not want the prince to date the singer.

Last September, royal family biographer Christopher Andersen shared even more details of Britney and William’s relationship online.

“William and Britney tried to be friends when they were young. There were phone conversations, but I don’t think they were dating,” the author said in his book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan.

In 2003, Prince William began dating his current wife, Catherine Middleton, 40.

Meanwhile, Britney broke up with singer Justin Timberlake in late 2002.

She later married her childhood sweetheart, Jason Allen Alexander, and they were married for a year. Even later, Britney married dancer Kevin Federline. Their marriage broke up in 2007, and she had two children with him.

Britney met her current husband, dancer Sam Asghari, in 2016.

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