Britons will have their first chance to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

A week before Elizabeth II’s funeral in London, thousands are expected to line up to see the flag-draped coffin at St. Aegidius Cathedral in the capital of Scotland.

The new monarch will walk behind his mother’s coffin in a procession from Holyrood Palace, where the coffin arrived on Sunday after a six-hour journey from Balmoral Castle, to the church.

Charles will also address UK lawmakers in London for the first time since coming to the throne, as formal events continue in the country ahead of the Queen’s state funeral on September 19.

During a long period of mourning, the UK is trying to come to terms with the death of its longest-serving monarch, who has been in the background of national life almost since the Second World War.

“I think the fact that she left us in front of us was actually a little comforting,” said Lucy Hampshire, who came to Edinburgh with her boyfriend from York, England, to see the Queen’s coffin.

As the hearse passed through Edinburgh the night before, the city was thronged by large crowds of people. To pay their respects to the monarch, some of the crowd threw flowers and others shed tears.

People also lined the streets of towns and villages along the 290km route from the Queen’s Balmoral estate, where Elizabeth II died on Thursday. The queen, who had been on the throne for seven decades, was 96 years old.

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