“Broken to pieces”: Ukraine declares that the enemy will no longer be able to rebuild the Antonivka bridge

“The Antonivka Bridge is one of the transport routes that the Russians are trying to restore, but they realize that such a structure cannot be patched up with a bucket of concrete. [Statinys] requires quite a lot of repair and technological processes… That’s why we control it and remotely remind about our presence,” said Natalija Humeniuk, the press representative of the operational team “South” of the Ukrainian army.

N. Humeniuk also noted that the enemy will not be able to rebuild the Antonivka bridge.

According to witnesses, one of the bridge decks collapsed after new blows, and the debris flew to the nearby settlement of Antonivka: “They say that the bridge [lūžo] half The bridge is no longer there, it broke into pieces, and the debris flew all the way to Antonivka.”

Information appeared that 9 KAMAZ trucks with ammunition were traveling on the bridge before it exploded. It is likely that the destruction of these vehicles was captured in the photo of the burning bridge.

The consequences of the blows are currently being determined in detail.

At that time, the Russian media had already managed to claim that only an “activated air defense system” was visible. The occupiers claim that “the anti-aircraft defense system was activated at least 10 times in a few minutes.”

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