calculated how much it costs to furnish a home today, and what detail betrays an unreliable craftsman

The designer helps to communicate

According to V. Lesčinskas, a designer in the process of furnishing a home is like a client’s lawyer who advises how to furnish a home. When it comes to the economic option and where you can save, his suggestion is to think carefully: sometimes what is fashionable is not necessarily practical and has a lasting value, and usually it costs a lot.

The interviewer recommends choosing designers, first of all, for smoother work: they will answer where the lighting, switches, etc. will be. There are cases when people, without designers, when furnishing their homes, already bring furniture, and then they notice that they will block the switches, and this, of course, will be annoying all the time.

Designers help to plan living spaces, another extremely important advantage is that they are an excellent mediator between husband and wife. “As we joke, for a couple to endure building and furnishing a house is a huge challenge for a relationship. We see couples getting angry. The husband wants cheaper and simpler, the wife wants more beautiful, and the designer says: “here, it will be like this”, the interviewer shared his experience.

Classic: builders resent the decisions of interior designers, allegedly using the most expensive materials and furniture, which cannot be adapted later. Designers emphasize that their goal is not only beautiful, but also effective, sometimes even a cheaper solution.

V. Lesčinskas believes that both statements are correct. Most designers try to help the client, a good designer immediately asks: what amount of money is planned for furnishing the house, then it is clear which showroom to go to – lamps, floors, furniture – and where it is better not to visit.

At the same time, the interviewer admits that he has heard about designers who are paid for bringing clients, so he suggests choosing an interior designer based on recommendations.

Some solutions are expensive but short-lived

How much does the interior decoration cost per square meter? m? According to the specialist’s calculation, an average of 500 euros per sq. m, can be accommodated for 300 sq. m. Apartments for rent are equipped somewhat differently: usually the floor covering is laminate, stretch ceilings, the simplest set of kitchen furniture.

In order to save money, it is very popular to paint on plaster without even painting the walls.

“We have been living well for almost a decade, people believe in their future, invest in something that will hardly add value to real estate. The first thing that catches my eye is a 3-meter-high door. In the past, a 2 m high door was enough, now our pride does not go beyond two meters anymore.

Let’s do the math: a high-quality, beautiful door up to 2 meters high costs 500 euros, a frameless 3-meter door costs from 2.5 thousand. euros. If the house has ten doors, your bill increases by almost 20 thousand. euros. Will they be fashionable in a decade? No one knows,” the interviewer pondered.

How to save when furnishing a home? “It is very difficult to save at the moment. Materials are expensive, labor is expensive, but savings can be made in terms of attitude. When you furnish your home, ask yourself, are you doing it for yourself or to show your friends? Shows are expensive everywhere. If you do it for yourself, ask yourself if what I choose is expensive will bring me benefits: it will be more comfortable, it will save heat, electricity, and time. No? Is it necessary? Will it add value to my property?

If the floor is oak, it will be fashionable ten years from now. Fashionable things cost the most, but go out of fashion the fastest. In three years, what is very fashionable now will be very unfashionable. Three years ago, kitchens were black, five years ago – white, ten years ago – brown, fifteen – peach. After entering the house, like an archaeologist, I can tell which era it is from,” said the interviewer.

How to hit the era, but not look bad in a few years? If blue sofas were popular last year, you will find them in almost every house, but maybe you should choose a more neutral one?

According to V. Lesčinskas, people often complain: “The designer offered me why it’s so expensive.”

“They have to offer.” How can you not offer what is currently in fashion? You will say: what kind of designer are you if you don’t know that wooden partitions, 3-meter-high doors, and brick walls are fashionable at the moment. He must offer, but also say that it is a higher than average installation price, not an economic one,” the interviewer emphasized.

At this time, he would recommend buying a furnished apartment instead. A year ago, it was much cheaper to furnish a home than it is now. Unless you really want to install it yourself, and if you’re frugal, then buy it only equipped.

Choose a master – according to the recommendations

The situation in the building materials market has stabilized, but the work deadlines have not shortened: it is estimated that the interior decoration of a 2-3 room apartment takes half a year.

If, as predicted, interest rates will increase and the number of homes for sale will begin to decrease, it is possible that decorators will have more free time in the spring. It is not there yet. It is said that some decorators are already bored, but, according to the interviewer, there have always been such.

How to choose reliable finishers? This is a big headache for a person who is setting up a home. “There’s nothing better than a recommendation. A craftsman must have a car for tools.

If it has a lot of tools, it is an indicator of a good craftsman. If they come with a bag, the cheapest tools bought in the supermarket, I call such craftsmen “advance”, they will work until the first advance and go elsewhere. This is a very popular practice. And after giving an advance payment, you usually won’t catch them – as they joke, they go to Norway”, the interviewer concluded.

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