Chaos in the Kremlin: Putin’s address postponed

He made the announcement on his official Telegram channel, according to Sky News.

A statement released by Margarita Simonian, editor of Russian state media news channel RT, in which she simply wrote “go to sleep” seems to confirm this.

Kremlin propagandists announce that V. Putin’s address, which was scheduled for 8 p.m. Moscow time, postponed. Such news was shared by the well-known Russian TV presenter and propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, and M. Simonian, editor-in-chief of the RT television network, wrote a similar hint.

“Tomorrow”, V. Solovyov wrote just one word on the Telegram network.

Forbes, citing two sources in the presidential administration, says that the recorded address of V. Putin will be shown on September 21, when the Far East will “wake up”.

Richard Shirreff, the former deputy supreme commander of NATO’s European forces, told Sky News that the delay in Putin’s address showed chaos in the Kremlin.

“We saw that the speech was announced at 8 p.m. Then we saw the RT report that V. Putin would not address at 8:00 p.m., but that time has also passed. It shows that there is chaos,” he said.

According to the general, the most important thing for the international community and NATO is not to be afraid now.

“As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said, Russia has shown that it is in a desperate situation,” said R. Shirreff.

Kremlin journalist Dmitry Smirnov clarified: “Get up until eight o’clock.” The source of “Baza” says that V. Putin’s speech will be broadcast from 9 to 10 o’clock. morning Moscow time.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov no longer answers calls, reports This news portal reported that “First Channel” and RT no longer announce that the speech of V. Putin will be broadcast on Tuesday evening.

The West condemns the planned “referendums”

Chancellor of NATO, the United States and Germany Olaf Scholz on Tuesday condemned the plans of the Moscow-imposed government to hold annexation referendums on joining Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Washington stressed that it would not recognize the results of these “sham” votes.

“These referendums violate the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that underpin the international system,” said White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

“If this happens, the United States will never recognize Russia’s claims to the allegedly annexed parts of Ukraine,” he said.

The German chancellor, for his part, emphasized that the international community must reject these fictitious votes, planned for September 23-27.

“It is very, very clear that these fictitious referendums cannot be accepted and international law does not apply to them,” O. Scholz told reporters.

O. Scholz called the annexation referendums “part of the imperialist aggression intentions” of Russia, which invaded Ukraine.

“Russia must withdraw its troops,” he said.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg also condemned the Russian-imposed government’s plans to hold annexation referendums, warning that it was another escalation of the Kremlin-instigated war.

“Fictive referendums have no legitimacy and do not change the nature of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. This is another escalation of Putin’s war,” Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter.

“The international community must condemn this flagrant violation of international law and increase support for Ukraine,” he added.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which the West considers unprovoked and unfounded, has shaken the whole world.

After the Russian president sent troops to pro-Western Ukraine on February 24, the West announced a series of harsh sanctions against Moscow.

Moscow-imposed authorities said earlier on Tuesday that votes “to join Russia” would be held in the self-proclaimed “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, which Kremlin master Vladimir Putin recognized as independent shortly before sending troops into Ukraine, as well as the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

Head of the Administration of the Presidency of Ukraine Andrijus Jermakas said on Tuesday that the statements about the referendums were just manipulation.

At that time, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba tweeted: “Neither bogus ‘referendums’ nor hybrid ‘mobilization’ will change anything. Russia was and remains an aggressor state that illegally occupies part of the land of Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to liberate its territories and will continue to liberate them, no matter what Russia says.”

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