Charles III learned about the dying Queen Elizabeth II by phone: he told us what his reaction was

He was told the news that Elizabeth II was dying by phone, and after the call “there was silence”.

The Queen Consort Camilla was waiting for an interview with the daughter of former US President George Bush when he heard an assistant running down the hall. A few minutes after the fateful phone conversation, the Prince of Wales and his wife were already sitting in a helicopter and flying to Balmoral.

That call was answered at about half past one on September 8th – around the same time that news of Elizabeth II’s ailing Queen spread around the world.

Newsweek’s royal correspondent Jack Royston told The Royal Beat: “Charles and Camilla were at Dumfries Palace in Scotland. Camilla was scheduled to record an interview with Jenna Bush Hager. She also heard hurried footsteps down the hall. Charles answered. Then there was silence. Everyone was asked to be quiet. Soon Camilla and Charles were already sitting in the helicopter. It was the 8th of September, half an hour after noon, around that time we found out. So, they didn’t wait. Charles was not warned an hour or two before the public was informed.”

Guests on The Royal Beat also discussed the relationship between brothers William and Harry and the King’s first public address following the death of Elizabeth II.

“To me, Charles III somewhat reminds George V – such a paternal king, the father of the whole country. And in this case, his older age is to his advantage,” added J. Royston.

Discussing the new Prince of Wales’ relationship with his brother, the Duke of Sussex, historian Tessa Dunlop said: “William and Kate understand that their current position is a privilege, that they are very honoured, that they are very fortunate… And this has given William a kind of magnanimity towards his brother . I think it was very noble of him to invite Harry and Kate to walk together at Windsor Castle.”

Royal commentator Wesley Kerr added: “I think now is the time for the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to put all their differences aside. Maybe it wouldn’t be an eternal warming of the relationship, because no one knows what awaits us in the Harry book, which, as far as I know, is already finished. We don’t know what will be in it, and we won’t know until the time comes, so the questions remain. I also think the tone of Meghan’s podcast will change as well.”

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