Clinton’s message is important to the scandal-ridden Finnish prime minister

Clinton accompanied the post with a photo of herself dancing with a big smile at a club during a 2012 trip to Colombia while she was still serving as secretary of state. She ended her post with the words: “Don’t stop dancing @marinsanna.”

Marin quickly responded to the message, writing: “Thank you @HillaryClinton” and adding a heart emoji.

The 36-year-old Finnish prime minister recently made headlines around the world for a video that showed her dancing and having fun with a group of friends and celebrities.

Critics said it was unbecoming behavior for a head of government, while others, including Clinton, defended the politician’s right to have fun in private with friends.

S. Marin told his fellow social democrats that sometimes it is important to relax.

“I am a human being. And I also sometimes long for joy, light and fun among these dark clouds,” said the world’s youngest prime minister, adding that she had not missed “a single day of work.”

But a few days later, Ms Marin was forced to apologize again for a photo taken at her residence in July, showing two women in blouses with their breasts covered by a sign reading “Finland”.

74-year-old H. Clinton headed the State Department in 2009-2013, when Barack Obama was president.

In 2016, she was the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. Although Clinton was considered the clear favorite, she suffered a stunning setback, losing to real estate mogul Donald Trump.

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